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Nothing is more humiliating for a man than having another man give him a wedgie. Grabbing the back waistband of his underpants and yanking them so high up his crack that an archaelogy team has to go in to remove them. For the wedgie victim it is the humiliation of having his most personal garment controlled by a dominant man and the pain of fabric burn on the ass crack and the smashing of the testicles. For the wedgie giver it is the thrill of power and control over a weaker man, to humiliate and hurt. This is a place where adult male enthusiasts of the wedgie can come to see pictures and join discussions about the humiliating and painful wedgie.

While there are many groups and sites dedicated to the wedgie phenomenon on the net, not one of them is dedicated to the adult male fascination with this form of humiliation. is exclusively for adult men. Men only. Adults only. Period.

The AVS I was using has stopped communicating with me, so enjoy the pics, intended for adults, 18 or older.

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